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Global hydraulic product specialized in manufacturing company set industrial fluid product development,
  technial service and manufacting in one.

  VHS series flowmeter is screw type. The fluid fills the defined space between the screws and the wall, and is transported onwards by its own energy of flow. Here, a magnetically pre-tensioned Hall sensor detects a pulse according to the intermediate screw volumes transported. The volume is proportional to the detected frequency.

 ● Ranges from 1.5...2500 l/min (G1"...G2-1/2")
 ● Largely independent of viscosity because of volumetric measuring process
 ● Accuracy better than 1 % (max. 0.25 %) of the measured value
 ● Lower ∆P than gear-wheel measurement - Therefore better for larger nominal widths
 ● Operation independent of location
 ● Intrinsically safe behaviour
    ● No magnets in the flow area (d
    ● Operating pressure (up to 350 bar), and temperature range (up to 150 °C)
    ● Frequency output in a wide range linear (metering range 1:50)
    ● Analog transducer possible by means of bolt-on electronics or via external converter
    ● LABO, FLEX, OMNI compatible
 ● Test stand
 ● Automobile
 ● Marine
 ● Oil and gas
 ● Nonferrous metals

 ● Food